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But Ive been reading that is very boring and has long work hours. Start date Dec 7 2020.

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Accounting vs nursing; Researchers say understanding variations in nursing intensity both between classifications of patients and among the patients in a given category is a key in setting up accounting staffing and. Feb 27 2002 1023 150 63 Flowood Ms. Accounting is considered to be a difficult.

So I dont want to hate my job in 20 years because I dont feel happy. In addition to a regular staff job as a nurse you can. Original Poster 2 years ago.

Ive heard that theyre both easy to find a job when youre done with college. Thank you for the assurance all this support is making me. Accounting Categories Latest Alumni Business Careers Criminal Justice Education Fire Science Health Sciences Information Technology Legal Studies Military Nursing Online Learning Psychology Social Behavioral Sciences Student Life.

Also all the reading you did in nursing will make studying for accounting easier bc that stuff was boring iscell. Nursing vs accounting degree. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page.

Please subscribe to view. As a practicing Medical Doctor who also happens to have a bachelors degree and masters degree in accounting and has previously taught accounting courses in college I believe I can answer this question. I did AP 1 and 2 psych intro sociology intro math statistics psych lifespan development to name a few.

While accounting isnt typically portrayed in media in a. Oct 17 2020 110 102 43. June 2010 edited June 2010 in Nursing Major.

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They both can lead to secure stable and well paid careers. Hey everyone Been a long time roamer here at CC but its about time that I post since Im in a serious quandary. Dec 7 2020 2.

Dec 7 2020 41 This is premium content. I happen to have two degrees. There are different types of nurses — some who work in ERs ORss etc.

Dec 7 2020 1 A while back I posted a thread about getting. Those 60-80 hour work weeks you are hearing about are those who go into auditing at public accounting firms for 2-3 years in order to fast-track their careers. Meeting the monthly dead lines for accounting tax and audit are just as stressful as nursing.

Accounting and nursing are two very different jobs. Youll be able to make a more informed decision after the 6 weeks and have a jump on nursing school if you choose to go there. Ok im about to be 32 married have a 2 yr old and work full time at a hospital.

Posted Dec 26 2016. Unless you really prefer working with numbers dont choose accounting. The reward from both nursing and accounting professions.

You may want to check out the different types of nursing practice to see what fits you best. Start date Dec 7 2020. Accounting and nursing are my top two options.

Both accounting and nursing professions are high stress and anxiety professions with many restless nights. If you have less interest in working with patients on a daily basis that may be a good combination for you. I have an AA degree in liberal artsspeech that includes most nursing prereqs.

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Home health agencies like to see their cost per visit by discipline and in total while hospice nursing facilities and assisted living facilities like to see their PPD Per Patient Day costs. Whether its superhuman police officers nurses whose only responsibility is to serve doctors or corrections officers being surrounded by violent killers at all timesits easy for those whove never spent a day in a career to make assumptions that wildly differ from reality. 1 in accounting 1 in nursing 6 months from now.

That combination is not common which may make it marketable. Just my 2 cents on work life balancemoney. Casino talks about the cost benefit of Accounting and Nursing majors in relation to required education.

You can take a CNA course for a better idea of what nursing is yes you will have to do all those yucky tasks as an RN and more. Having some courses in accounting and other business matters may be useful in the future even if you stick with nursing. Someone noted that nursing is hard on the feet.

Even as a new grad you can make much more money with an associates degree in nursing that you will with a bachelors degree in accounting. The world is full of misconceptions about careers. Nursing school is a hard degree as well a lot of reading memorizing and and applying your skill.

1 of 3 Go to page. Sep 30 2018 87 119 33. Im good with numbers and math so i feel like accounting would be my best option.

College students with an aptitude for math and business sometimes seek careers in the accounting field but those interested in health care might lean towards nursing since it is one of the higher-paying careers available with just an associate or bachelors degree. If you need interaction with people nursing is far better.

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Look here, Accounting vs nursing! Have a great day, lovelies!