Curious, Anyone? Blitzball Guide

I spent quite a bit of time working on this guide so please do not copy it. The instant you get the ball hit square and pass it BACK to one of your defenders whos nowhere near any opponents.

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Find a Save Sphere and select the Play Blitzball option.

Blitzball guide; In the lower right side of the screen youll see a map of the Sphere Pool the. How to never lose at Blitzball ever as well as get all the unlockables for Wakka with incredible ease just follow these easy steps and youll fly through Bl. It has several different rules strategies and players that may be used to alter ones chances in-game.

Tidus A blitzball ブリッツボール Burittsuboru is a spherically-studded ball about thirty centimeters in diameter used in a sport unique to Spira in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 where it is the main available form of entertainment. Final Fantasy 10s Blitzball mini-game is one of the most interesting and complex of any of the possible mini-games. Wither Tackle 123 3.

He can quite easily get to the highest Shooting SH stat but also has a fairly strong Attack AT stat which is not typical of most forwards. With its unique patent-pending design Blitzball gives players MORE curving action speed and Home Run distance than any other backyard plastic baseball. Jassu starts out more competent than Botta.

The thing about Final Fantasy X Blitzball is for the most part the best players for each position change as you level up with a few exceptions. Blitzball lets you throw ANY big league pitch – LEARN HOW. Once youve mastered the finer points of Blitzball youll compete in the Blitzball tournament in Luca and move on to the MiHen Highroad you gain full access to play Blitzball at nearly any save sphere but theres more to the game than just playing it.

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August 26 2003 —– – Played Guide Completed – Vurojas Techs Added – Nizaruts Techs Added – File Size. Blitzball incorporates elements of Soccer Football and Water Polo and is played underwater in a giant Sphere Pool. Larbeight is the strongest forward player you can obtain and he gets stronger and stronger with each level he attains.

Besaid Aurochs Luca Goers Kilika Beasts Al Bhed Psyches. Forwards must score midfielders must pass defense must block goalie must catch. The amount of XP required for this is indicated in the formula below.

You can also reset the blitzball data to all the starting values. 78 SH67 SP 80 EN23 AT Skill Load Out. XP measures how much the player has done over his career.

It can also be used as a weapon. You can also reset the blitzball data to all the starting values. Blitzball is the ultimate backyard baseball.

This guide lists the statistics and key abilities of all available blitzball players. Blitzball Strategy and Tips This guide assumes that you have read through and understand the basics of the game. Wither Shot 123 2.

You are introduced to the mechanics early in the game when the party reaches Luca for the tournament. Final Fantasy 10 Blitzball Guide. Come with him free of charge only choice for LF LV 99 Stats.

Once youve competed in the tournament and left Luca the option to play Blitzball becomes available from any Save Sphere. Players current level x 100 This formula applies to every player in Blitzball. You can click on a teams name below to go directly to that teams players.

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In the systemtutorial menu you can read the tutorial text which I have incorporated into this guide in a clearer form. Updates The latest version of this FAQ can and always will be found at. So youve wandered from the Main Walkthrough onto the Guide to Blitzball.

The Best Blitzball Team LF- Tidus Recruited. If youre playing Final Fantasy X FFX youre probably going to want the best Blitzball players in order to make the strongest Final Fantasy X Blitzball team. Learn some of these nasty MLB-style pitches and enter our Video Contest.

Blitzball is the ultimate minigame in Final Fantasy X. There is a refresher available within the game though if you need to start with the basics so be sure to check out the in-game guide first. 295K Version Final Started.

Blitzball A vague attempt at a comprehensive guide. The Best Blitzball Team YouTube Credentials Comments. Jecht Shot 12 5.

In the systemtutorial menu you can read the tutorial text which I have incorporated into this guide in a clearer form. He is quite often included in most Best Blitzball team lists. Wakkas blitzball strategy needs just a little refinement.

August 1 2003 —– – Deims. With a little practice this game can be a lot of fun. 100 complete File Size.

295k Version 12 Started. To get XP a player must fulfill his purpose during a match. XP is the currency to Level a player up.

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Look here, Blitzball guide! See you!