Another One, Bo2 Best Sniper Class

In this guide Ill show you some of the best sniper classes in BO2. Secondary if needed 4.

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When quickscoping you need to be running the best Sniper Rifle and perks for speed so heres the best.

Bo2 best sniper class; The Best sniper class in Black Ops Cold War starts with. Black Ops 2 – Best in Class – Run. Choose a sniper rifle that is right for you.

This Black Ops class works best at medium-long range but is capable of killing people in short order when theyre close just as well. Best quickscoping class for Black Ops Cold War. The latest chapter of the Black Ops series has seen players jump straight into the multiplayer action with new maps game modes and new sniper rifles which can be used to deadly effect.

Follow me on twitter. Out of all the snipers available to equip in your loadouts the LW3 Tundra holds the top spot. There are currently four.

Can someone please give me the best class that worked for them. Throughout my playthrough Ive managed to create the best Class Setup in. I am trying to get the diamond snipers.

I already have the SVU-AS and the DSR gold. You guys asked for it. This Class Setups are best for Black Ops II.

Hit Like if you do. Any sniper worth their salt can quickscope but this best Black Ops Cold War quickscoping class guide helps take things to the next level. Your KD will increase with this guns and perks.

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Please dont forget to vote the this guide. Here Is the best quickscoping gunsniper rifle in black ops 2 how to quickscope and ballista v dsr 50 for the best quick scoping online cod bo2 this is one. Call of Duty Sniper Steve Schwindt shares his Pick 10 tips for long-range killing in Black Ops 2.

Heres the best Sniper Rifle attachments and other. Wildcards if needed Can someone please. Today Im gonna show you my personal favorite trick shot class on black ops 2.

So Ive been playing Black Ops 2 almost daily since it came out last year and consider myself a fairly decent player. In previous Treyarch games it was tricky to use the sniper rifles effectively but on Black Ops Cold War the rifles are easier to use than ever before. The Ballista is the third sniper rifle you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 at level 43.

Here is the Ballista class I use and think is the best ballista class in Black Ops II You can change Tac mask-Dexterity if you want to and you can switch to any secondary. Using the best attachments to make the best Cold War sniper class can make you a one-shot force in multiplayer. Dont just use what everyone else is using but find a weapon that makes you comfortable.

M82 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is the third and final sniper rifle in CoD BO Cold War that you unlock at level 55. I am working on the ballista sniper but cant get the bloodthirsty challenge. It is considered one of the best sniper rifles in the.

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Use your fast shots to keep snipers off balance as you out-snipe them kill people from across the map when they cant even see you and get used to 1-3 bursts to kill anyone anywhere. Also i use 14 sens. Quickscoping is one of the most fun ways to play CoD so heres everything you need to quickscope in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops 2 – Map Pack 1. This guide will make you more successful in the game. Best Bo2 Trick Shot Class.

Do you want to see more of these. Best Sniper Loadout. It has the fastest handling characteristics in the class making it well suited.

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That was it! Bo2 best sniper class! Till next time?