Watch This, Cat Walking On Keyboard

Keyboards are somewhat pliant in that they give when they cats walk across the keys pressing them down. If your cat keeps trying to play with your computer or walks across your keyboard you may be able to shift its focus by playing with it somewhere else.

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The traditional computer keyboard is still an object of great interest to a curious engaged house cat.

Cat walking on keyboard; If so take a break and play with the cat until youve both had a good break. When im not on my laptop and its closed he lays on top as if to say- now you cant get to it. Theories abound about why cats seem to be so fascinated with computers.

My cat losing his day job. Many cats sit on spots such as keyboards and laptops because they are near their favorite person and can be at the center of their attention explains Marilyn Krieger Certified Cat Behavior. Cat people laugh and post photos of cats stretching out on their keyboards and technical gadgets.

This interest is now much more focused on tablet devicescats seem to love iPads visit YouTube for proof. Train your cat not to walk on your keyboard. Whats more the computer keyboard keys have an enticing give and make an interesting clicking sound when your cat walks upon them.

When ever he walks on the keyboard he freaks out about the clicking noise. My cats are constantly walking on the keyboard. The Kitty Keyboard Cover or as we like to call it Kitty Keyboard Kover is a simple and elegant solution to your cat s walking all over your computer keyboard.

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He is modelled after my cat Roley who sadly died a few years ago. Many pet owners wonder if it is the. I put it over the keyboard when I leave the room to keep them from deleting things.

If youre typing on a laptop your cat has probably learned that the keyboard is a comfortable source of heat and pets. The Skype client displays him when it reads some paw-like activity walking across your keyboard. Our lab supervisor Janine has found a solution and its already internet-famous.

Cat sat on keyboard Cat ran over keyboard and my screen has turned black and white My cat sat on the keyboard and now everything on my screen is GIANT Cat walked on my laptop. While not all cats will respond to training some will get the hang of commands if they are taught them from a young age. That cat is what we called internally the cat walking on keyboard indicator.

According to a legend Scarlatti was inspired by his cat Pulcinella walking on the harpsichord keyboard The Fugue in G minor K. Posted in rfunny by uBootlegMoon 126133 points and 1653 comments. Is your cat walking on your keyboard and slowing your progress.

But since they mostly come to my desk when I am sitting here I have turned it up on its side and slid my keyboard partly inside so theres a bit of a barrier. Its hard for you or I to imagine but to a cat a keyboard really is the perfect spot says Arden Moore an author pet safety coach and behavior consultant. When cats walk or climb on your keyboard they can enter random commands and data damage your files and even crash your computer.

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My cat loves the keyboard- if you spend a lot of time on it i swear they get jealous- watch out or itll knead it and pull the keys off. Theyre warm theyre kind of fun to sit on and most importantly theyre smack between you and the monitor. Thats just my cat though Source s.

My cat always walks on my laptop because he likes the heat. 499 by Domenico Scarlatti is a one-movement harpsichord sonata popularly known as the Cat fugue or Cats fugue in Italian. If you leave the computer area and your cat follows you this may be a sign it simply wants to spend time with you.

I have used this item two ways. Its a two-in-one combo and it cant really get better than that.

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That was it! Cat walking on keyboard! Till next time?