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Microsoft Word – Rules and Regulations Author. Any type of chili may be served as PC chili.

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Magnolia State Bank Chili Cook Off Third Saturday in February Rules and Regulations 1.

Chili cook off rules and regulations; Winners announced at 300 pm. Serving chili begins at 1 PM 22920 9. Diamond Tattoos Chili Cook-off Official Rules and Regulations The following rules and regulations will apply.

Official Rules and Regulations for Cooks at the Worlds Championship State Regional and District Chili Cookoffs The following rules are to be adhered to by all cookoff chairmen cooks andor assistants at all chili cookoffs approved by the International Chili Society. Chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili onions peppers or other vegetables and various other spices and ingredients with the exception of rice or any type of pasta which are forbidden. Print These Chili Cook Off Rules and Free Score Sheet.

Chili can be prepared before arriving at the event. If you are using a tent prepare to anchor it down with weights. See 6 for rules and exceptions 4.

On the third Saturday in February. The captain will be the liaison between Laurel Main Street and the team. I am known for hosting a party with a theme.

Chili Cook Off Rules and Regulations Page 1 of 2. Youth cooks have the option to cook Traditional Red Homestyle Chili Verde or Veggie chili based on the cook-off they sign up for. Red chili is made with meat red chili peppers spices and sauce ingredients.

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The rules above must be followed per category. Green chili is the same except it has green chili peppers instead of red. 152021 12751 PM.

Open to the public for tasting at Noon. CONTINUED COOKING If a contestant wins 1stplace as a WCCC Qualifier see 9 for rules they may continue competing in that category at any ICS sanctioned cook-off throughout that chili season. CHILI COOKED ON SITE – All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cookoff.

All chili must be prepared in the open no cooking in motorhomes etc. Anyone who arrives after 1230 PM will not be allowed to enter the competition. No stakes or spikes can be used to anchor tents due to shallow electrical lines on Circle Park.

Teams and Times a. The hosting organization will provide an area for each contestant to cook – usually a. Competitors need to arrive by 11 AM to set up in their designated areas and must be ready by 1230 PM.

Cooking of chili is to begin no earlier than 12 noon on Saturday October 1 2016. Be prepared to add your final touches and warm up your chili. PC is required by all adult and youth contestants.

All other equipment is to be supplied by contestant team. General Rules and Regulations Contestants must pre-register in order to enter the contest. Guidelines Rules Disclaimers for Chili Cook-Off By participating in the Contest each entrant agrees to release and hold the Sponsor Tennessee Beef Industry Council and Caron Broadcasting Inc dba WFFH-FM 94FM The Fish and Promoter their parent company and their parents affiliated companies harmless from any and all losses damages.

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Peoples Choice Chili PC is the chili that contestants serve to the public at each cook-off. If its a public event youll need some posters maybe a banner. You may set up your booth Saturday November 6 2021 as early as 7 am.

Registration the day of the contest is not permitted. There is no limit to how many times someone can win an ICS sanctioned category during a cooking season. Teams may have no more than 5 members including one team captain.

Somewhat less obvious are the specific rules regulations and judging guidelines for a traditional chili cook-off. CHILI COOKING RULES A. Fire in the Hills -Chili Cook Off 2014 Chili Cook-Off RulesRegulations Chili Cook-Off Application for Cookers.

While cook-offs typically allow for pre-mixing of spices and the use of pre-cooked canned tomatoes competition chili is not pre-made. Set-up may begin no earlier than 700 am. Chili Cook Information Booth Rules and Regulations Each booth is a 10 x 10 approx plot of land and is allotted one 2 x 1 sign only.

This Christmas for our party we decided to host a chili cook off. Perhaps the easiest way to host a cook-off is to register with a sanctioning body that provides for a fee everything from bowls to official judging sheets. The youth cook can be 6 to 17 years of age and must prepare and cook their chili with parental supervision but not parental participation.

Turn-in for judging at 145 pm. Chili must be cooked on-site. After you have completed on-site check-in.

Open for setup at 900 am. You may have caught one of my crazy annual Couples Olympics parties as examples. Official Chili Cook-off Rules.

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So, Chili cook off rules and regulations! Have a great day, lovelies!