Deeds on Club Car Throttle Adjustment

B is the air mix adjustment and this is set by turning it closed to a soft seat then back it out 1-14 turns. The speed controller helps the rider adjust the current going to the golf cart motor therefore adjusting the speed.

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There is an arm located next to the driven clutch secondary sheave.

Club car throttle adjustment; Adjusting the governor on your Club Golf Cart can be an easy fix for getting that extra needed boost. Spin it until it falls back. The lady across the street has Club Car gas golf cart.

Accelerator- pedal assy 2nd gen CC Elec. Page 1 2004 MAINTENANCE SERVICE MANUAL DS GOLF CARS GASOLINEELECTRIC MANUAL NUMBER 102397601 EDITION CODE 1203B0312A. Can you advise how to make adjustments to throttle and govenor.

2002 Club Car Gas Golf Cart – Need to adjust throttleRPM for more power and excelleration. Page 3 If it appears that a service question is not answered in this manual you may write to us at. Club Car DS throttle cable adjustment After setting the golf cart to neutral and maintenance mode jack up the rear.

She was having trouble getting it started and so I helped her this weekend and we got it going but you have to tromp hard on the accelerator to make it move. Club Car Accelerator Pedals and Linkage. MCOR stands for Motor Controller Output Regulator.

I am attempting to adjust the throttle linkage on a Club Car DS 2003. The accelerator cable may move through the plate but the plate itself cannot move prior to the micro switch click. The speed controller in Club Car golf carts plays an important role in managing the power system.

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Home PARTS – mechanical and body Parts – mechanical and body – Club Car Club Car Accelerator Pedals and Linkage. There are four different MCOR models from different years and cars. Now you can impress and destroy your buddys while racing down the fairways to your balls.

An extended length of time with increased rpms can cause trouble to your motor. Augusta Georgia 30917-4658 USA Attention. If you find this rod then your governor can be easily adjusted by accessing the carts inner workings.

Also that end connection should just pull off after sliding the swivel lock back. Thanks Barry Boatner NNN NNN-NNNN. Look for a small metal rod near your golf carts clutch.

This translates your foot movement at the pedal into electric impulse that the motor controller reads. Accelerator- pedal assy 2nd gen CC Gas 09-up Prec. Brief description on how to bypass the governor on Club Cars.

Well I cant get that loose quite so easy. Pull the spring that is present around the plastic piece located behind the shifter. I am reading elsewhere that at the end of the rod there is an adjustment to take the slop out of the linkage.

Turn the screw until it touches the plate then 14 turn further. Club Car Parts Manuals 1976-1980 Caroche 1981-84 DS Electric 1984-1985 DS Golf Car Electric Vehicles 1985-91 DS Gas 1988-91 Carryall Gas. The second common ground speed governor type is commonly used on 2 cycle golf cart engines.

This will explain how to do it a couple of different ways but if you do only do it temporarily. Technical Services or contact a Club Car Tech- nical Service Representative at 706 863-3000. Club Cars use an MCOR throttle device.

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Page 108 Club Car recommends a group 70 side-post battery CCI PN 1012328 with a 650 cranking amp rating at 32 F 0 C 500 CCA at 0 F -178 C and a reserve capacity of at least 105 minutes. It is the controller that controls the acceleration and deceleration of a golf cart. Bought directly from Country Club that had RPM turned down for safety.

Adjustment For proper symbiosis between the fuel and ignition systems the accelerator micro switch must click BEFORE the throttle lever of the carburetor moves. My father is dealing with a Club Car golf cart and some type of rich condition. Adjusting the tension on the spring will either increase or decrease your golf cars speed depending on which way you turn it.

8-14 inches W x 6-12 inches D x 7-14 inches H 210 cm W x 165cm D x. A is the throttle adjustment and using the flat screwdriver back the screw away from the plate that it pushes against until there is a gap between them. The group 70 clas- sification indicates battery size.

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So, Club car throttle adjustment! Have a great day, lovelies!