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Seems to be the hideout of a serial killer or something and there are tapes titled Dear Detective scattered around.

Fens street sewer; When I try to exit the manhole makes a sliding sound and I just stand there. The Fens Phantom was a prolific serial killer in Boston before the Great War who was presumed to have claimed dozens of Bostonian lives displaying their corpses in the city sewers which he had claimed as a base of operations of sorts. I go in clean up the ghouls grab the loot I need and get back to the entrance.

The Fens Street sewer is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. Another location is the Fens Street Sewer last but not least the wreck of the USS Riptide can be seen in the middle of the river. Enter the sewer descend into the partially flooded tunnel and kill the two sleeping or wandering ghouls.

Added on 08 September 2019 247PM. It is located fairly close to Diamond City. The entrance to this location is the manhole with the skeleton.

So I have a few questions about the Fens Street Sewer. The Fen Street Sewer manhole is in a side alley just northwest of Diamond City. Some authors like to showcase more of their work in their image descriptions or use.

The Fens also hosts Back Street Apparel Hardware Town Parkview Apartments and finally Police Precinct 8. Playlist for this series. A detective investigated the sewer and tried to bring the Phantom to justice but she too found her end in the Fens Street sewer.

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By exploring the Fens Street Sewer players can find the work of a Pre-War serial killer. In this edition of Fallout 4s Hidden Treasures we explore the Fens Street Sewer. Fens Street Sewer I remember making my way through this place and thinking the whole time This is so messed up this is SO messed up.

More images View more from uploader. Honestly I dont even know if its possible to team up with the detective but the holotapes gave me the impression that Valentine is involved. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 a GameFAQs message board topic titled Fens street sewer.

It is located just north of Diamond City and south of Hangmans Alley. I can open and close it a zillion times but nothing happens. Theres something fishy about this place.

Its entrance can be recognized as a. Before the Great War the Fens Street sewer was the den of a serial killer known as the Fens Phantom who displayed his victims around the sewers. The Fens Street Sewer is a point of interest Location in the Central area of The Commonwealth.

The Fens is host to many locations one of which is Hangmans Alley which can be used as a player settlement. Should I have waited to find the detective first and then being him with me in this mission. Guide Home Guide Menu.

Fens Street Sewer is an indoors Location in the central area of The Commonwealth. Fens Street Sewer I have incountered a weird bug. SPOILERS Fens Street Sewer.

Fens Street Sewer Found this location by chance. Killed a bunch of ghouls including a Glowing One and some nice loot but not much else. His name was The Fens Phantom which is a reference to real-life Boston urban legend of Phantom of the Fens.

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One of my cleanup jobs is in the Fens Street Sewer. 3 Fens Street Sewer Sewers are already creepy enough without adding a serial killer to them. This users image description contains 14 images.

It is located just to the Northwest of Diamond City and just East of Parkview Apartments. Judging by the white wood structure above it and the same water drop symbol as the Thorn may just be for sewer i thought it was gonna be another Thorn 20 with new deathclaws and possibly harder challenges I mean there was even two already connected sewers fens street was just the entrance from closer to diamond city. Follow this guide to hear about updates.

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So, Fens street sewer! See you!