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The FNaF books and spinoff games are not canon unless otherwise stated by Scott. Welcome back everybody.

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Fnaf timeline 1-4; 5 2 1 4 3. Five Nights at Freddys timeline solved Yes I believe I have finnaly finnaly discovered the timeline of fnaf 1-4. This thread is archived.

So I think the 4th game will be before FNAF3 and after FNAF1. Raw download clone embed print report. Sign Up it unlocks many cool features.

Similarities can guide conclusions but all conclusions must be based on the games canon. — FNAF 4 Timeline Explaind FNAF 4 Theory Five NIghts at Freddys 4 Theory Today we have explained the fnaf 4. It does make human sense.

Quick FNAF 1-4 restaurant timeline. This post only talks about the following installments of FNAF. I have more to add to it.

The Beginning of Everything. An explosion out of nothing created everything. Now with Fazbear Family Diner my timeline is like that.

So Scott shows us Old records and weve never seen them. Five Nights at Freddys often abbreviated to FNaF and also known as Five Nights is an American indie video game series and media franchise created by Scott CawthonThe video game series began with the eponymous game developed and published by Cawthon for Microsoft Windows in 2014. Five Nights At Freddys is a series full of mystery and intrigue.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Tragedy soon strikes here as our friend the Purple Guy kills his first victim who. Im now on Instagram.

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Its probably the biggest FNaF project ill ever m. William Afton and Henry opened in 1967 the family friendly Fredbears Family Diner featuring a brown furry suit of a bear as a mascot. Not all points are recorded.

Do not edit until this message is removed by an administrator. Please note that this site is still a work in progress. The end goal is to record all points in definitive locations on the timeline.

Follow me at andiematronic to see cosplay sneak peaks bearded dragons drawing sneak peaks and much moreThis is it guys. Our story starts at Fredbears Family Diner the first location. This is Funtime Freddy Alanka 72 and Im bringing you another quiz.

People like to call is The Big Bang. Remember the Night2 Phone call. Text 605 KB.

Five Nights At Freddys. Turtlecraft1120 added the project fredbears diner 448 pm. The currently timeline is FNAF2 1 3.

This is a full timeline of the FNAF series as I feel the evidence up to FNAF4 points to. Turtlecraft1120 added the project fnaf 2 447 pm. Original Poster 5 points 4 months ago.

Much of this intrigue has been the timeline in which the games take place. I will say though that it was VERY VERY VERY hard to discover and Scott did a vedry good job of limiting the information to show with us so a hat tip to you scott. This time Im here with my best friend Purpleypop so we hope youll enjoy another Collab quiz weve made.

At this point I dont care if I got some stuff wrong because i spent ALL summer working on this. Not a member of Pastebin yet. Five Nights at Freddys often shortened to FNAF FNaF or Five Nights is a game series developed and published on Steam and mobile devices by Scott Cawthon.

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The game was followed by a number of sequels prequels and spin-offs released for Windows iOS and Android. Explaining how the timeline of fnaf 4 works. FNAF 1-4 TIMELINE FNAF 4 BITE OF 87 EXPLAINED – Five Nights at Freddys Timeline EXPLAINED Theorist.

On January 31 2021. This page is under construction. FNAF TImeline 2018 MK II.

Now to begin I have created the timeline into three different eras. Watch Five Nights at Freddys TIMELINE FNAF 1-4 Timeline EXPLAINED – Reggielaurinda864 on Dailymotion. Dylan-fnaf added the project FNAF camera animation 246 am.

It has been featured in Game Theory Culture Shock Break Down and The SCIENCEFNAF videos are among the most viewed on The Game. A lot of this comes from the FNAF Timeline that MatPat from Game Theory did so most of the credit should go to him. FNaF 1 – 4 Timeline.

Ok the FNAF 1-6 timeline then. Its pretty much proven that the chronological order of the games is FNAF2 first taking place in 1987 then FNAF1 taking place in the early 90s and then FNAF3 taking place approximately 2017. 4 points 4 months ago.

Alright lets start the FNAF Timeline theory now including Sister Location. Turtlecraft1120 added the project HELP WANTED V61 448 pm. 1993 – Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria III FNAF 3 Night 1-4 Minigame Wiliam dismantling the Animatronics.

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That was it! Fnaf timeline 1-4! See you!