Real Talk How To Build A Paper Bridge

Paper Bridge Engineering Whether going over a river railroad or highway bridges serve as useful structures to get from here to there. Place it horizontally across the two stacks of books.

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I will be showing you how to make a paper bridge.

How to build a paper bridge; Some bridges are strong enough to support the weight of cars and some are built just for people. KU1201 class 26Intro to Engineering and Design IIProject 1. Line up two pieces of paper end to end so the short edges are overlapping just slightly by about a quarter of an inch.

The Paper Bridge can hold a lot of weight. The triangles created by folding the paper into an accordion make the paper rigid and able to hold more weight. Try to use only four sheets of paper and less than 6 of tape.

Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. 25 cm 1 inch of each end of the paper bridge should sit on each stack of books. Place a piece of cardboard or construction paper on a table or any other type of smooth flat level surface.

To build the paper bridges students will use all the same materials. However it takes a lot of planning and designing to make the best bridge for a specific location. The possibilities are endlessly fun when you are playing with your very own paper bridge.

The strip should be about 2 inches wide and should resemble an arched bridge. This paper bridge could support 6 glue bottles and a tub of crayons. Although bridge designs may vary around the world all bridge engineers have to consider the.

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Arrange the paper so that an even length of paper rests on each textbook. Make sure that the size of your work space is large enough to accommodate the bridge you will be constructing by measuring out its rough dimensions against the area available on your work space. Start building your paper bridge on the ground on or a table.

If your students are learning about bar graphs you can use the data in this table to make a bar graph. Folding the paper helps it to resist bending forces created by the live load of the pennies on top of the bridge. The paper bridge doesnt require much supplies only tape and scissors.

Step-by-Step Instructions Place the blocks 15 cm apart on the floor or a table. Now begin placing the coins on your paper bridge to test its design. These paper rolls will be perpendicular to the railroad formations.

For example if there are three bridges with paper in the Strongest Bridge Material column in Table 1 write 3 for Paper in Table 2. Use long strips of Scotch tape to bind the pieces of paper together on both. It will snap if tension the force pulling on it overwhelms.

Turn a paper bowl over and cut a strip through the middle. A bridge will buckle if compression the force pushing down on it becomes too much. Place coins on the bridge.

Set the piece of paper across the blocks in such a way that it spans the entire distance. You can keep your paper straight fold it pleat it roll it cut it or anything else. Alongside other trained volunteers I was able to see how Paper Bridge was delivered.

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The bridge should hold the coins easily. Attach the railroad formations on top of each other by gluing paper rolls to evenly spaced sections of the formations. Try to make each new bridge stronger than the last one.

Using what they learned from the rest of the class each group should repeat steps 34 and build and test at least two more bridges more if time allows. PAPER BRIDGE CHALLENGEstructural strength is not only depends on the materials that forms the. These two opposing forces work together to create an equilibrium in a bridges structure.

Remember to use a new piece of paper for each bridge. Bridges are as diverse as the people and places they connect.

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So, How to build a paper bridge! Till next time?