Another One, How To Draw A Chinese Dragon Head

See more ideas about dragon drawing drawings dragon. The feature that will make him look alive is the eye.

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Step 2Create 2 curved lines at the top of the head then draw.

How to draw a chinese dragon head; Draw two parallel S-curved lines and taper them off on one end. Add a rounded trapezoid on the side of your circle for the dragons snout. Draw a circle on the top left side as a guide for the Chinese dragons head.

Make sure you draw it along side the eyebrow shape eyebrow shape the shape we draw back in the last step. Feb 13 2020 – Dragon Head Outline How to Draw a Chinese Dragon. Choose either the left or right side of the circle depending on which way you want the dragon head to face.

All the best Chinese Dragon Head Drawing 37 collected on this page. Then draw horns or antlers springing from the head. Dragon Head Outline How to D – chinese chinesedragontattoo dragon draw drawing outline targaryentattoo.

On the other end draw a large oval and a smaller circle underneath. Extend a pair of curved lines from each horn base allowing them to meet at sharp points to enclose the horns. Dragon Head drawing – step 18.

Well folks its that time again to be giving you all a lesson on yet another dragon head but this time it will be in the form of a Chinese Dragon. Trace the oval and circle together. Draw the head open mouth and tongue.

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Finally draw the mustache or barbels on each side of the nose using pairs of long curved lines that meet at sharp points. Add two legs and feet on the close side. Mar 6 2020 – Explore Kelli Haydens board Dragon drawings in pencil on Pinterest.

Weve shaded our dragon with hues of yellow and orange like the golden queen dragons in Anne McCaffreys Dragonriders of Pern series. – Dragon Head Outline How to Draw a Chinese Dragon. Draw the top horizontal line of the snout coming from the top of the circle so its the same length as the circles diameter.

Next go ahead and create a framework for your dragon mapping out the shapes and lines that compose it Begin by mapping out the head limb meeting points and the end of the tail. How to Draw Chinese Dragons with Easy Step by Step Drawing Lesson Step 1. As for the Chinese dragon head well there is really nothing left to say except I wanted to draw just the face of a typical Chinese dragon to show some of the cool features they have.

Add a matching curve line. – Dragon Head O. Draw dragons how to draw dragon heads Description.

So with that said I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a traditional Chinese dragon head. Follow these illustrated steps to draw your own Chinese Dragon character. Realistic Chinese Dragon Head Drawing – Hello Friend loyal visitors Drawing Ideas Collection In this post we will give you the idea of drawing about Realistic Chinese Dragon Head Drawing We have presented interesting ideas that you can make inspiration in drawing realistic chinese dragon head drawingWell just go to read more and have a good reading.

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Next draw a nose. Draw an oval for the head add circles for the eyes nose and mouth then create a curved line for the body. DesolationgmxatThe music was p.

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Look here, How to draw a chinese dragon head! Have a great day, lovelies!