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YouTubeDrawinGeek Polar Bear Drawing Step 13 POLAR BEAR NECK In order to draw a polar bear neck youll need to join its mouth to its front leg. Your share only fuel for our work please share if you got something from it And Be a motivator.

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So draw a small almond-shaped eye about a third of the way down the circle and add a large nose to the tip of the snout.

How to draw a polar bear step by step; How To Draw A Polar Bear Step by Step for Beginners. This is a simplified cartoon version of a Polar Bear. All Animals 2303 All Categories.

Enclose an irregular circular shape around the bears feet using a long wavy line. Step 2 At the bottom end of the letter C draw a short curve for the muzzle and on the outer edge of the letter C add a small round ear. Learn how to draw a realistic polar bear.

Polar Bear for Kids. For a more realistic tutorial check out this video. Remember to add a thin mouth curling underneath the nose.

Step3 Draw face of Polar Bear. Draw a circle then draw an oval intersecting it for the body of the polar bear. Box 927Pleasant Grove UT 8.

Your efforts for making this drawing perfect could invoke the animal-loving spirit in you. All Animals 2307 All Categories. Start by drawing the eye and ear of your Polar Bear in pencil.

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Because the series of lines are help draw the body of polar bear. Finally its time to jazz up the polar bear with more details. The polar bear belongs to the bear family Ursidae which is native to areas of the Arctic Circle.

Polar bears live in the Arctic so give yours an ice flow to sit upon. Color A Polar bear. Draw this cute Polar Bear by following this drawing lesson.

Now join the polar bears front leg to its body by taking your pen upwards. Polar Bear for Kids. Add some puff to his fur and dont forget make those nails longer and a little thicker as well.

How to Draw a Bear Step by Step for Beginner Simple and Easyhow to draw a bear facehow to draw a bear art for kids hubhow. Polar Bear Drawing Step 12. Draw this Polar Bear by following this drawing lesson.

Next add the mouth nose head. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything. So friends In this step you will draw series of line to joint three different size of circle.

EMAIL A PHOTO OF YOUR ART. How to Draw a Polar Bear Face – Step-by-Step Tutorial. How to draw a Polar Bear easy and step by step.

Now we can add the outline of the back and neck. Polar Bear drawing tutorial. Thanks for watching our Channel.

At this point the polar bear has taken form and now is a good time to start erasing unwanted lines to clean up your drawing. Learn Now How to draw a Polar Bear for Kids easy and step by step. Click Here For Step 4.

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The bear itself can be left without any color or you could do with some gray shading. Enclose an irregular rectangular shape beneath this using a second wavy line. How to Draw a Polar Bear For Kids – Step-by-Step Tutorial.

4 Draw two ovals for the front legs add lines on the edges to for the claws. Polar Bear Cub drawing – step 18. You peoply thinking why in this step draw the line series to joint circle.

How to Draw a Polar Bear Step by Step You could color the surroundings in blues and grays and leave some areas white. Step 1 Start by drawing a C for the bear head. After that you have to draw the leg shape and face shape of bear.

During a period of great glacial movement a group of brown bears became isolated and it is Learn How to Draw Animals Step-by-Step. Then if you like you can fill in the polar bears fur with some hatch marks to create some texture. But make its neck a little more furry and thick so that it looks visible.

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That was it! How to draw a polar bear step by step! Have a great day, lovelies!