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Because Patrick has arms and legs add long triangles to it – one big one on top two on the sides and two on the bottom of the oval. If you have troubles drawing him just keep practicing.

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It is worth noting that in 2011 Patrick took the third place in the list of the most popular fictional characters.

How to draw patrick star; He doesnt work which means its a mystery where he gets money to pay for crabby patties and ice cream cones and how is he paying for his meals when he visits the Goofy Goober. How to draw Patrick Star from Bob Sponge easy and step by step. How to draw Patrick Star.

Start forming the shape of Patricks head then start sketching out the sides of the shoulders. Draw Patrick Star by following this drawing lesson. The main color for swimming trunks is light green.

This will be the basic shape for Patrick Stars body. Today we will show you how to draw Patrick Star the best friend of Spongebob Squarepants. After you have his midsection drawn you can now draw the outline of Patricks head and arms.

All my lessons are narrated and drawn in real time. This will be the basic shape for Patrick Stars body. So it was a drawing instruction on How to Draw Patrick Star.

Begin by drawing a skeleton of Patricks body. Patrick is a funny goofy and dim witted chubby and sloppy and dirty little star fish that lives under the sea. Plankton SpongeBob How to draw Larry the Lobster How to draw Patrick Star SpongeBob Read More.

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The patterns on the fabric look like light blue petals. His basic body shape is just as his name implies a star. The first thing you need to do is draw a plump tear drop shape for Patricks body.

Since Patrick is a starfish each one should be slightly tapered at the end resembling the shape of a star although the limbs will all still have curved ends. When drawing his body taper it toward the inside. Next draw horizontal line near the bottom of the circle and a vertical line near the left side of the circle that extends outside of the circle.

To draw Patrick Star start by drawing a circle on the lower half of the page. How to draw Sheldon J. Step-by-step drawing guide of Patrick Star From.

When you tighten Patrick Stars head make it thinner than the original basic shape. Patrick Star is one of the easiest cartoon characters you will ever draw. Draw another oval of similar size to the left of the other oval and have the two ovals overlap.

Tighten Patrick Stars body by following the horizontal construction line which will be the top part of his shorts. How to draw PATRICK MEMEfrom Spongebob square pantsbefore you guys get started youll need 1. Patrick Stars body is a dark pink.

You can use markers color pencils or even crayons. For a completely finished Patrick Star drawing you have to color it. 3 For the mouth draw a half-bow shape.

The inside of his mouth is a dark brown color and his tongue is pink. EasyDrawingArt team prepared it especially for you. Color in some red spots scattered throughout his body.

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Oddly enough SpongeBob took only sixth place. To do that first draw a large oval in the center of your sheet of paper. Step by step the lesson will guide you through sketching drawing and coloring your work check out the special coloring page.

Below the body draw to rectangle-like shapes that surround Patrick Stars legs. This lazy and cheerful character in fact is a starfish. Patrick is a walking starfish.

For the pants sketch two curved lines for the top and two curved lines on each foot for the end of the shorts. Draw an oval on top of the main circle just to the right side of the vertical construction line. With this free online cartoon-drawing tutorial youll have all it takes to be an artist in a few short steps.

This will be the bottom part of his shorts. Also thanks to all of our art friends that sen. Darken in the right arm and draw it slightly thinner at the bottom.

Dont do too many of them or hell start to look sick. How to draw Patrick from Spongebob is pretty simple. So to start with we need to draw a large circle that will form his midsection.

Learn how to draw Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants in this easy step by step video tutorial. Also bend the top part of it slightly toward the right. Use a light pink color for Patricks torso head and limbs.

Discover how to draw Patrick Star in nine steps. When that is done you can then sketch in the facial guidelines.

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Got it? How to draw patrick star! Have a great day, lovelies!