Another One, How To Draw Stewie

Notice how the horizontal part of the cross extends beyond the circle. Stewies head is the shape of a football so draw two curved lines on either side of the circle that resemble triangles bulging at the sides.

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Learn how to draw Stewie holding a toy laser gun with the following step by step drawing tutorial.

How to draw stewie; Next draw in the guidelines for the face and body. Inside the right ear put a letter T and just a curved dash in the left ear. Step 2 How to Draw Stewie Step 2.

Draw a small circle inside each eye for his pupils. For each of Stewies hair draw an upside down letter U like shape. First of all sketch out the outlines the very strange and unusual head of Stewie similar to a football ball.

The first thing you will do is draw an egg shape for Stewies head and then add the facial guidelines. Below the area where the construction lines meet draw an angled line similar to a less than sign. Next sketch out small ears on the sides of the head.

Drawing Stewie from Family Guy with Toy Gun Lesson. Now you will start thickening the lining for Stewies head like so and then add the small dashes of his combed back hair style. Stewie Griffin from Family Guy drawing – step 5.

Draw Stewies ears as a letter C and a backwards letter C. 2 Start drawing out the shape of Stewies head which should also have the small bumps for the ears. Start with an egg shape for Stewies head and then draw an square shape for the body.

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Darken Stewies eyes and inside each draw two horizontal lines for Stewies upper and lower eyelids. Make two circles for Stewies eyes then on those eyes make the eyelids. These construction lines will also help you place Stewies facial features later on.

You will first draw out the shape of Stewies head which as you can see is in the shape of a football. How to Draw Stewie from Family Guy. This is to account for Stewies football-like head.

This is an instructional video featuring Peter Shin explaining and demonstrating how to draw the lovable character Stewie from Family Guy. The horizontal line should come out of the circle to help you draw Stewies head in the next step. A classic Stewie Griffin drawing done on my iPad PRO App.

Find the drawing lesson on the following page. Learn to Draw the fun and easy way. Draw a big oval then add two small ovals on each end.

This will be the head with ears on either side of it. Step 2 Now with the help of two large circles draw out the eyes and with the help of curved lines draw the rare hair on the head. Begin to outline Stewies clothing and arm.

Dec 26 2018 – Explore Kleannads board Stewie Drawing Steps on Pinterest. Now lets draw Stewies hair and ears. Next draw the small shape of his body like so.

How to Draw Stewie Step 1 Begin with an oval for the head with two straight lines running through it as shown in the picture. Then draw a pair of straight lines downward from the head to the arm indicating the strap of the overalls. 2 Sketch a rectangle below the head for his torso and legs.

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Follow along with our narrated step by step drawing lessons. See more ideas about stewie griffin step by step drawing griffin. Begin your drawing of Stewie with a simple cross and circle as a guideline.

Learn How to Draw Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy. Above each eye draw an angled line for Stewies eyebrows. Hey guys – its been a while since I uploaded a drawing but here you go.

Stewie is the evil baby from Family Guy an adult cartoon tv show on Fox Network. Step by Step Drawing Lesson. Use a series of overlapping curved lines to draw the arm.

Keep your lines light and penciled at this point just want to have something as a reference. Make some bumps at the ends for his ears then draw some hair strands across the top of his head like so.

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Got it? How to draw stewie! Have a great day, lovelies!