Another One, How To Make A Pirate Treasure Chest

We packed the bottom of the chest with some plastic bags and fabric so that we only needed a small layer of treasure and the box looked nice and full. Now that your workshop is in order take a paintbrush and your paint and cover all surfaces inside and out of your shoe box.

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It is an easy project to make and it uses just one sheet of foamboard.

How to make a pirate treasure chest; I made the chest from some left over wood from our neighbors fence. I have made a few of these over the years and if i had the space and utensils I would make it out of wood as the construction would be the same. You print up the template and use it to make your cutlass.

Here the end pieces are cut 8 38 inches 213 cm to the short point with each end cut on a 7 degree angle so the sides of the chest will be slanted. Right youre ready to go. Edible Pirate Treasure Chest Make your own candy treasure chest complete with edible jewels to serve as the cutest cupcake topper at your next pirate themed birthday party.

How to make a treasure chest from an egg carton Peel any stickers off your egg box and paint two gold strips across the top. The cover is made of woode. Secure underneath the base by driving a screw into the vertical supports.

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Hobby Lobby sells the perfect wood box to use as the base of your pirate chest. It could be gold silver an eye patch a treasure map or something else. How to Make a Pirate Treasure Chest.

Mark each cut on one piece of lumber then cut them carefully. To secure the curved cardboard to the lid connect using Makedo Lock-hinges and Re-clips at the back of the Treasure Chest. They should stick to the paint.

Theyre not – heres how to make one out of old wood you may have lying around and you only need one measurement. While the paint is wet lay on a few sequins. Use the first piece as a pattern to cut the second or measure and mark it exactly if you prefer.

Use a rectangular sheet of cardboard and bend it over the curve as shown. Buried treasure pirate ships X marks the spotpirate themed treasure maps are full of fun. Free Pirate Treasure Chest Plans – How To Build A Pirate Treasure Chest.

They even have a small wooden treasure chest that matches this one. These easy to make treasure chests are made with candy from the grocery store. I was able to use that one for a fun ring game.

This chest is made of wooden boards with a thickness of 25 cm the dimensions of the chest is 46 cm long 31 cm wide 22 cm high. The pirate treasure chest is now ready to fill with treasures. And right in the sword it has a secret treasure chest compartment where you can store your pirate treasure.

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I also give you the template for it. It was so easy to make a treasure chest. This will make your treasure chest that looks wooden but you could also paint it black for a more sinister appearance.

Mark your lumber for the cuts. And this is a how to for it. Start by securing the first layer to the base board Cut 4 vertical supports to be placed in the inside corners of the walls.

Then allow your shoe box time to dry. Paint your shoe box brown. Celebrate the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in style.

Paint two gold bands down the barrel lid and front and back of the chest. So this year saw me making another Treasure Chest for the Gangshow. You can create an authentic looking map using materials from home plant pirate treasure at different landmarks and lead your kids on a fun hunt for buried treasure.

Connect the front of the arch using Makedo Re-clips. Treasure chests in the pirate style with the rounded lid look a little tricky to make. Cut how ever many piece you need and lets build.

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So, How to make a pirate treasure chest! Have a great day, lovelies!