Curious, Anyone? How To Sew A Ball Shape

Unknown December 24 2017 at 848 AM. Fold the raw edges of the hole inside and pin them.

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Small rattle inserts would be perfect for the smaller balls Happy sewing.

How to sew a ball shape; A baseball is sewn from two pieces of material. If you are using the backstitch after you get to C knot your thread. Sew the first two fabric pieces together with right sides facing each other and using a 12-inch seam allowance.

Sew two ball halves together down edges. Now you will have two halves of the ball. Remove the pins and turn the ball right-side out through the hole.

Begin to sew the sections together. Continue to add sections and snip notches. Use one of the prints from the ball as the ear lining for a Baby Bear or as the fabric for a baby blanket.

Place one fabric sphere piece of fabric on a flat work surface so that the front side or patterned side of the fabric is facing up. I enlarged the pattern put in a zipper and made giant fabric Christmas ornament stockings. Pin along one curved edge.

Hold the circle next to your bush with the top where you want the top of the ball to be. After sewing the seam snip notches into the seam being careful to not to snip the stitches. Sew a fabric ball if you want a soft toy for kids or pets.

Stuff ball with batting or old pieces of material then hand sew opening closed. Stitch seam using an overhand stitch about 14 in from each edge. A sewn ball requires some skill but it not beyond the reach of even a beginning sewer.

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Continue stitching until the seam is fully stitched. Make a soft cloth baseball. Clean up the edges of the circle by switching to a zig-zag stitch and sew around the very edge of the circle.

How to Make a Cloth Ball. Suitable for supervised indoor play or for juggling. Pin the circles on the outside of the ball then sew with a straight stitch around the circle to attach it to the ball.

Id like to make a sheet metal ball maybe two inches in diameter. Sew the hole closed by hand with a needle and thread using an over-sewing stitch. The paper is die cut in a pattern so that the cut pieces come together to form the hemisphere with no creasing or folding.

Turn a second fabric sphere pattern piece over so that the front side or patterned side is on the bottom. Make a pile of fabric pieces in the order they need to be sewn together. Lay the six fabric pieces in a flower shape to see how the ball pattern will be sewn together.

Hide any knots on the inside of the fabric where it wont show. Young children particularly babies could get injured by hard rubber balls. Pin the first 2 pieces together and then pin a third side right away to this piece.

Sew half of the other pinned edge leaving a hole for stuffing the ball. Sewing Toys Baby Sewing Sewing Clothes Sewing Crafts Sewing Hacks Sewing Tutorials Sewing Patterns Sewing Basics Sewing Ideas. Cut two circles for the top and bottom of the ball.

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On the final side leave a small opening in the middle for stuffing as shown above. These sewn balls can be used for many projects such as toys and games pom-poms or decorative elements on hats and clothing. Sew the first side with a 7mm or 14 margin then sew the second side.

Take the round object such as a glass a jar lid or a can of soup to use as your base template. Stretch a measuring tape on each side of the circle from the 3 oclock and 9 oclock position to the ground. The easiest way to make a ball shape is to sew together six or more oval-shaped panels.

Instead stitch together a ball out of strips of fabric then stuff it with polyfill for a plush feel or use dried beans for a bean bag texture. Pull thread so that fabric edges abutt snugly. Not intended for children under 3 or for pets.

Shrink the pentagon template down by 50 and enlarge it by 150 to make balls in different sizes. Cut out two circles using a cup or anything else round. The pieces are shaped roughly like a figure eight or dumbbell.

Match the edges of the two fabric pieces. 12 of your ball is now completed. Article by Belinda Lee Briggs.

Ive seen on how they make it or some show that they die cut paper for globes and then form the cut paper over a cardboard hemisphere. When sewing the last seam leave a 1 ½ inch opening for turning. If you are using the overcast stitch continue to sew and stuff until you get back to A your ball should be completely stuffed.

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Happy sewing saying and singing. Use a pencil to poke the stuffing through the hole.

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That was it! How to sew a ball shape! Have a great day, lovelies!