Another One, I'm Straight But I Love My Best Friend

Youre beautiful amazing kind and exciting. He was the most beautiful person Id ever met before or since.

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As far as I know shes straight.

I'm straight but i love my best friend; You text him or her all the time. I told one of my other friends. I wrote about it Anonymously under the question Whats your worst love experience an.

I just wanted to take this quiz I think Im in love with my best friend. Stop trying to figure it out on your own and let us help you get to the bottom of your feelings once and for all. Every time we.

It went on for 2 years. I know its impossible And 2. Maybe you can learn from my story and you wont end up with regrets like me.

But then well after that friendship blossomed and when both of us were out of relationships there was a weird switch that happened in our brains. I know I shouldnt because 1. Its been really difficult and I wish there was something to do about it.

And as far as she and everyone else knows Im also straight. Putting any sexuality aside for the moment love is the strongest and most powerful of emotions. Im in love with my straight best friend.

He invited me to spend a weekend with him in his one bedroom apartment and wants to trip on psychedelics together. Closeness is normal in a friendship but texting someone of the opposite. This happened to me and it just about killed me.

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The sad lesson here children if you havent yet written me off as a complete sociopath is that falling in love with your straight best friend is perhaps the worst most self- destructive idea you could possibly have because not only will they never love you back in the same way you love them theyll serve as a constant reminder that. This Straight Guy Realized His BFF Is The Love Of His Life. This gets much worse when theyre so close to you.

Weve known each other fo. Two years ago I made a huge mistake. I live in New York and have a straight best friend.

We are both 11 which makes it 1000000x more weird. Im 24m gay and have been getting perceivably mixed signals from my college best friend 25m who Im extremely close with but who is as far as we know straight. And my best friend is straight.

Here are 15 ways to know for sure that youre falling in love with your best friend. We were both early 20s. Am I In Love With My Best Friend.

My Best Friend and I are both gay he knows Im into him and I know he must be into someone else. Im not on Ians level of attractiveness but Im pretty confident these days. I know you are straight and staying your friend is so unbelievably hard because i have absolutely no chance of being with you.

I think the only think you can do in this situation is try and move on. Weve been best friends since we were about 14. Ok so Im bi.

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Im Poppy your go-to girl for all of lifes woes. Welcome to Ask Poppy. One of my straight best friends is in love with me so I can relate and understand how difficult this situation can be.

And were like best friends and it sux cuz I love her and I want to tell her soooo bad but I cant. But I sometimes have sexual fantasies about him. My best friend.

Im 16 years old. Ive liked her for almost this entire time. Im in the same position with my best friend except shes totally straight and would never feel the same way as I do.

First let me say that this isnt going to be one of those posts where a gay guy confesses his love to a straight guy and they end up having sex and living happily ever after because it turns out the straight guy loved him too all along. Its kind of creepy. Im in love with my best friend but hes gay.

Im in love with my best friend. Its not their life and its not their happy ending. And Im in love with her and I dont know what to do.

My husband and I started out as friends best friends who had to spend years convincing other people that we were only friends. I look her in the eyes and we just like sit there and look into eachothers eyes and dont say anything and usually Im the one to say something. I havent come out shes the only girl Ive ever had these feelings for.

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But I think im in love with you. Theres no rule that says that you cant marry your best friend someday but first you need to know if youre in love with them. Im proof that yes its possible to get out of the friend-zone.

Dont watch the love of your life disappear. Falling for a straight friend is always hard. Im definitely in love with my best friend.

Im not an expert on anything except maybe for being me which makes me totally qualified to do this. We are both females both 19 years old. And when I say ALL I MEAN IT.

You deserve that happily ever after who cares what other people might think. In my experience since its usually impossible to make the crushinfatuation go away the best thing is to pour your love into being a good friend.

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Look here, I'm straight but i love my best friend! Have a great day, lovelies!