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Mama Jean as she came to be known doted on spoiled and coddled her darling daughter to the point of smothering. In fact Jean Harlow is the moms name – the daughter used her name as a stage name.

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The billionaire producer signed Harlean Carpenter the actresss real name to a 100-per-week contract and cast her in his 1930 film Hells Angels as a two-timing vamp.

Jean harlow eyebrows; However actresses like Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow influenced a trendy new shape. A world in which a normally sane woman goes and has her eyebrows removed only to pencil them back in somewhere else. This style gave them a more severe dramatic look.

In those days it was all the rage. At the forefront of the 1930s eyebrow trends were actresses Greta Garbo Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow. The high brow enlarges the eye gives clarity and appealing quality.

Doll-like Jean Harlows iconic look mixed the flirty femininity of the 1920s with the full-on glamour of the 1930s. Jean Harlow is a classic example of Hollywoods obsession with dead blondes. Greta Garbo plucked her eyebrows thin to follow the arch of her eye socket.

When Harlow got famous Mama Jean only got worse. Not a day goes by that we dont hear about so-and-sos amazing brows or marvel at things like eyebrow extensions and even lace-front brow wigs. After bursting onto the silver screen with her iconic eyebrows and platinum locks Harlow tragically passed from kidney failure at just 26 years old.

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Several actresses shaved their eyebrows and drew on their eyebrows. There is a prevailing theory that Harlows constant hair dying with noxious substances may have contributed to her death of kidney failure in 1937. Brows were thin with exaggerated height.

Once the 40s rolled around icons like Joan Crawford pioneered the look of a thicker brow yet still maintained that rounded arch. But the most dramatic eyebrow look was in the 1930s. Jean Harlows high arched drawn on eyebrows became part of her signature style.

She usually wore underwear except its rumored when she played opposite Clark Gable in A Free Soul. Eyebrows are a hotter topic than ever in 2014. Jean Harlow was famous or infamous for wearing nothing under her bias-cut satin frocks in her movies.

Lets check this sub in 90 years I bet all our awesome eyebrows will look stupid. Eyebrows had extra shine with the assistance of oils and petroleum jelly. A Cultural History.

But the very first celebrity to rock platinum-blonde strands was the 1930s sex symbol Jean Harlow. Commenting on Harlows adoring fans and hard-won stardom Mama Jean once yelled out She was always all mine. With a world at war rationing and women working in previously male-operated industries the 1940s beauty standards reflected the changing times.

Her mom referred to her as The Baby from birth all the way up until she died a very sad and needless death. Jean Harlow The Blonde Bombshell With a Hidden Scandal. Often nicknamed the Blonde Bombshell and the Platinum Blonde she was popular for her Laughing Vamp screen personaHarlow was in the film industry for only nine years but she became one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood whose image in the public eye has endured.

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Harlow and her mother were disturbingly close. Sporting ultra-high rounded arches. It also became common for women to pluck their eyebrows completely out of existence and draw on the ideal arches.

Most likely she shaved off her eyebrows and then drew them on with an eyebrow pencil. One associates thick-browed types like Brooke Shields and now Delevingne with a surly accidental wildness in contrast to women like Garbo Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow all notable for a. It will come as no surprise to you if I tell you that Mae West or Jean Harlow had shaved their eyebrows which they used to replace by a stylized and quite unrealistic stroke of makeup pencil.

March 3 1911 June 7 1937 was an American actress and sex symbol. Jean has removed all but the fainest wisp of brow hair over which she pencils in her look each morningShe uses a finely pointed eyebrow pencil. Jean Harlows high arched drawn on eyebrows became part of her signature style.

While thin drawn-on brows continued to be popular in the 30s women began to create much more of an arch as seen on Jean Harlow and Billie Holliday. It paired youthful skin fine brows wide eyes and elongated lashes with heavily defined emphasised lips. Most stars of the 1940s and 1950s who started as starlets in those days did the very same thing.

In addition to the change of hair colour Harlows once thick eyebrows were tweezed thin with exaggerated height. Jean Harlow born Harlean Harlow Carpenter. As the granddaddy of all style faux pas messing dramatically with your natural brows is a bad bad bad thing.

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First you had Jean Harlow who shaved hers off completely redrawing them about ten feet above her eyes in a single. It was Howard Hughes who orchestrated the shocking new hue. JEANS eyebrows are high narrow and very arched.

Shearer also wore the Adrian bias-cut satin gowns so often in her early films that they were known as Normas nightgowns. Unfortunately the brow itself was so unattainable naturally that several of the trendsetters including several popular actresses at the time including Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich shaved. Petroleum jelly or oils were used to give a shiny look on the brow according to Return to Style.

Marlene Dietrich shaved off all of the hair and penciled on her brow higher than her natural hairline according to the Encyclopedia of Hair.

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