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Patchface was brought to Westeros from Volantis by Lord Steffon Baratheon the father of Robert Stannis and Renly. This does not include responses that are also standalone theories.

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They both perished in a shipwreck of which Patchface was the sole survivor.

Patchface theory; Patchface Stannis Baratheons fat old cat takes a liking to Davos Seaworth. He knew four tongues he juggled and did magic. As usual Alt Shift X expertly weaves and connects his theory this time with the Drowned God being a servant of the Great Other the god of the White Walkers and nemesis of Rhllor and Patchface.

The merwives wear nennymoans in their hair and weave gowns of silver seaweed. Jonsa is the only right answer dolorousedditor. Responding to another theory use discussion page instead.

They wrote a letter before their trip telling their family of a jester of amazing skill. This is the fashion in the Free City of Volantis for slaves who serve as jesters. Patchface has successfully predicted Maester Cressens death as well as the use of wildfire in the Battle of Blackwater.

He was a talented fool nimble as a monkey witty as a dozen courtiers. What do Patchfaces songs m. Seriously this is a long theory and probably the most comprehensive on Patchface if I may so myself.

He was a slave boy from Volantis who served as a fool and was bought his freedom by Steffon Baratheon father of Robert Stannis and Renly. When their ship sank just off the coast of Storms End only Patchface survived washing ashore several days later. Patchface The Fool with many Voices Whats up with Patchface and his riddles.

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He washed up on shore three days later half-mad and. A Genuinely Terrifying Patchface Theory 30 minute read A very extensive theory that attempts to shed light on what is going on with Patchface and ties him together with other characters very important to the plot of ASoIaF. Well this fool is telling us something special Im certain and after many weeks of study I can show that he serves as vehicle for the transmission of messages from different entities.

Now lets look at a few more of Patchfaces verses and try to crack the code so to speak but lets also examine something Melisandre says about Patchface and draw some conclusions based on the available evidence and then building on the work of some other theorists I will posit an explanation that not only satisfies the probable. Patchface made it there but neither of Stannis parents did. Gibberish or meaningful nonsense or prophecy.

The obese fool is dough-soft and slump-shouldered. Patchface is one of the weirdest characters in the Game of Thrones books a creepy jester who lives with Shireen on Dragonstone. Patchface has lost his memory and much of his wits.

Cat shenanigans ensue and maybe something else as well. There is this belief that the Targaryens carry an insanity gene in their DNA most likely due to all that inbreeding if were being honest or dragon blood. He repeatedly says The shadows come to dance my lord dance my lord dance my lord and then replaces the word dance with stay metaphorically warning Cressen that Melisandre would be the death of him.

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Patchface takes his name from the tattoos covering his broad face and bald head marked in a pattern of green and red squares. It is always summer under the sea. Patchface Patchface Prophecies and Forgotten Courtesies ACOK Posted on February 28 2014 by Joe Ballard.

In my last post I discussed a theory in the works that Illyrio knew Danys dragon eggs would hatch when he gave them to her as a wedding gift. Then in Ser Davos first chapter as Stannis walks into. Patchface also predicts the death of King Joffrey in his own creepy way.

Images and video from Game of Thrones are the property of their creators used here under fair use. In A Song of Ice. Well Davos Seaworths couch.

Usage of an indented bullet does not imply the statement is a response. Shireen Patchface by tyusiu. All in all he was brilliant.

Patchface was purchased as a slave in Volantis by Lord Steffon and Cassana Baratheon the father of Robert and his brothers. You may already be familiar with Patchface.

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So, Patchface theory! See you!