Another One, Punished By Being Treated Like Babies

For starters babies dont talk so if its not baby talk I dont want to hear it. This was embarrassing to me but the girls did become my best friends.

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Brian smiled at the thought of being her baby.

Punished by being treated like babies; Why do you end up in diapers. This is the story of me Justin and my girlfriend Jessica who treats me like I want to be treated like a baby. Quick Call my Parents.

I was put back in diapers for the day too after just one accident. But its not helpful Emily giving the plush toy animals silly voices giving her sister kisses and cuddles leading Katelyns mind repeatedly into giggling candy-coated thoughts forgetting herself for minutes at a time. Excellent right on time.

It started when the girls mother used to baby sit me and she caught me wetting my pants one time. That would absolutely be humiliating enough to just LOOK like a baby. Comment what video youd like me to do next.

Now she treated me just like her daughters. She started becomming a baby 2 years ago when she was 14 and one of her close friends was a bedwetter and wore cloth diapers and rubberpantsplastic pants to bed every nightWhen the daughter would sleep over at her friends houseshe would wear the diapers and rubberpants also and her and her friend would carry on like babiesIt was the same when. He explained all the punishments that he had done to me and agreed to stop and treat me as a real teenager as I was being more responsible and behaved well.

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By SKJAM Ann checked her cellphones clock. Adult baby fantasies include being free of guilt responsibility or control and while some act completely like babies at times others practice in discretion. When I turned 15 my parents moved in.

It all started when I asked Jessica out on a date. Whenever I have voice my distaste for being treated like Im an incompetent toddler people get offended and tell me they are just trying to be nice and I feel like an evil witch. Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor.

Thats when it was most humiliating. Nine-year-old girls like babies as a rule and they tend to really like baby sisters. Then she got a baby bottle and told me to lay down and gave to me.

I will appreciate it if you comment. Hi my name is Chloe and I am ten years old. Treated like a baby by your teachers and classmates at school Go Back.

His Aunt Amy while his parents visited Europe. We started talking and she asked me if I had a secret that I wanted her to know. A tricycle by the front door.

Second you will use the diaper for what its meant for. He had fallen asleep in her arms his face nestled. Sometimes when Im being punished like that his girlfriend would be in the house.

Now Aunt Amy was known as a strict disciplinarian and felt no qualms about administering proper punishment. Third I will treat you like a baby no matter what. We went to the local pizza hut ordered a large pizza and bread sticks.

BEING TREATED LIKE A BABY AT AGE TEN. Franky if you give me any hassles about going down for your nap and start acting like a baby I will treat you like one. Being treated like a baby.

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Instead he got dropped off at his aunts house to spend the summer. The fantasies of an adult baby might involve diapers baby clothes and toys to help define the infantile role. You are caught doing something you arent supposed to and are punished by being diapered This choice.

The Pederson residence was a bit far to walk. This punishment can get a lot worse. Treated like a baby by your.

Shed probably want to cadge a ride home when the job was over. The Pedersons lived in a decent-sized ranch house painted a soothing beige color with white trim. Somehow just saying it had made it seem true.

He let his mom finish getting him dressed back up again and then she carried him to his room. I started to wet the bed when I was about four and my parents said it was normal. But soon later I lost control of my bladder so I had to wear diapers.

Hiour 16 year old daughter is a baby also. Every night mocking me with her glee Luanne was turning me into an infant. Then she put the baby hat on me it was pink to with lace around the face.

Where will this. Having to get a Parents note in collegeI have not made a video in two months so this is a Vlog updati. Chapter 5 Treated like a baby by your teachers and classm.

You will be taking your nap in Alices crib Franky stopped the whining. Being only 10 years old Davie wasnt allowed to go. But it was far more than just being dressed in a diaper a baby romper with sleeves and mittens booties binky and a bonnet.

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She delighted in making the punishment fit the crime. Cathys the perfect mommy for me he thought as he recalled the events of the past ten hours. His punishment was to spend the rest of the summer 2 months like he evidently wanted to be treated like a BABY.

She had diapered him before going to bed and held him while he suckled her teats like a baby. In the end the infant might drift off to sleep in a soft crib. My step mother was smiling and telling me how cute I was to be a sissy baby and I was going to stay like that all day and she want me to wet my diaper so she could change me like a baby.

He was going to wear and use diapers like a baby suck on a pacifier like a baby be fed like a baby and drink from a bottle like a baby. I hope you enjoy my video of The punishment of a Baby.

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So, Punished by being treated like babies! Till next time?