Curious, Anyone? Ncr Vs Legion

NCR Veteran Rangers vs Legion Centurions with more guns. NCR and Legion wouldnt do much to a prime Enclave which has the perfect combination of intellectually sound leadership and morale training technology logistical capability and overall.

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The NCR has hardly done more wrong in the Mojave than the Legion.

Ncr vs legion; The Legion does have drive unlike the NCR. Lets have a look at how many people of the Mojave have been destroyed by NCR. A lot of good soldiers and leaders will be dead too but now the NCR bear is.

The NCR wins in the long run through and through. When they lose the Mojave itll be a wakeup call. The Legion emulates a model of government that was a proven failure 2000 years before the NCR was founded.

In a violent post apocalyptic world. The NCR-Legion War is an ongoing military conflict in 2281 between the New California Republic and Caesars Legion. If the two largest factions the NCR and Legion conflicted against each other and waged war one must ask who would win.

Meaning the Legion might be able to take the Mojave because of this devotion and the NCRs lack of interest and resources devoted to the Mojave. I take the side of the NCR primarily due to their technological advantage and the Legions lack luster governmental setup. Wait And See Oliver will be thrown out or hell be dead his head mounted on a Legion spike.

The NCR-Legion War is an ongoing military conflict in 2281 between the New California Republic and Caesars Legion. The NCR soldiers have varying degrees of devotion and no level is like the average Legionnaire. The legion is better for the wasteland and the NCR is way ahead of its time especially in a period where immediate action is vital but house is the best though the strip prospers and.

Technologically speaking the NCR is much better prepared. Global thermonuclear war doesnt distinguish between political systems its not like communist China is still prospering untouched by nuclear war. Caesars Legion is brutal tyrannical and technologically inept while the NCR is inefficient and in many cases just plain incompetent.

Its survival of the fittest and compared to the NCR the Legion have got their priorities straight. There really is no difference between the endings besides which faction takes over Vegas. The NCR emulates a model of government that hadnt proven a failure.

The Legion brings tight control order and adherence to a. NCR is a large entrenched bureaucracy with all the corruption that goes with it but they try to benefit everyone under their purview. Their not spread too thin their trade routes are safer there is no greed and taxes among the Legion they live a basic existence.

Very rare to see on the battlefield the Legion Heavy trooper is a match for even NCR Heavy troopers and NCR veteran rangers. They are very strong and it makes some legion base takeovers much more difficult. The devotion could even the odds out a little.

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